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Capsicum health benefits - Cayenne Pepper

Capsicum Medicinal properties healing & curing properties

Capsicum health benefits - Medicinal properties healing & curing properties capcicum recipies capsicum receipes

Capsicum is a commonly used vegetable for cooking ,but many of us are unaware about capsicum's medicinal,healing & curing properties - Capsicum prevents some of the lethal diseases by its healing chemicals .

Nutritional Value of Capsicum

* Carotenoids (Capsanthin, Capsorubin, Carotene and Lutein)
* Proteins
* Fats
* Vitamin A
* Vitamin C
* Capsaicinoid Oleoresin
* Provitamins E, P, B1, B2 and B3
* Steroidal Alkaloidal Glycosides (Solanine and Solasadine)
* Scopoletin (Coumarin)

Some of the curing properties of capsicum

  1. Capsicum prevents heart Attacks & Capsicum good for health
  2. Capsicum Prevents Cancer
  3. Capsicum & Strokes : Capsicum reduces the chances of getting stroke
  4. Detoxifying colon
  5. Capsicum as Pain reliever
  6. Capsicum to prevent Cold & flue
  7. Capsicum for throat pain cure
  8. Capsicum for Diabetis cure
  9. Prevents infections

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