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Besan capsicum recipes

Besan capsicum recipe how to cook & prepare

Besan capsicum recipe capsicum receipes

Besan capsicum recipe is a easy to cook quick capsicum recipe ,to prepare besan capsicum you need to have the following – from the name of the recipe we know that we need capsicum & besan –all most all curry recipes need oil to cook,salt for tast,to make it hot chilli powder as usual mustard seeds .
I still wonder about the history of these recipes .IOk let us come back to the besan capsicum recipe – here is the list of ingredients for besan capsicum fry .

Ingredints for Besan capsicum recipe
Ingredients: 1. Large size capsicums 2
2. Besan (Gram Flour) 4tblspns
3. Salt 1/2tspn
4. Turmeric 1/4tspn
5. Red chilly powder 1/4tspn
6. Mustard seeds 1/4tspn

Method of cooking Besan capsicum recipe

Wash & cut the capsicum into small squares,sprinkle capsicum pieces with besan,salt,turmeric powder,& red chilli powder & mix it gently & marinate –
Heat oil in a pan ,add mustard seeds ,let it splutter ,Add marinated capsicum to it ,cook it covered ,stir it inbetween ,cook in slow heat – ours besan capsicum is ready

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