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Capsicum sabji recipes Capsicum sabzi

Capsicum sabji recipes Capsicum sabzi how to cook & prepare

Capsicum sabji recipes Capsicum sabzi capcicum recipies capsicum receipes

Aloo Besan Capsicum Sabji

Capsicum Sabji or Capsicum Sabzi could be prepared along with another vegetable ,here we have selected to cook Capsicum Sabji along with Capsicum –so the name of the sabji is Aloo or potato Capsicum Sabji .
To prepare Capsicum Sabji/Sabzi we need to have Capsicum ,Potatoes ,onion ,chilli powder ,dhaniya ,jeera powder ,besan powder ,aamchur .
Here is the list of ingredients for cooking Aloo Capsicum Sabji – as we are using besan too ,we could also call it as Aloo Besan Capsicum Sabji .

Aloo Capsicum Sabzi
4 - medium sized potatoes
2 - medium sized capsicum
1 - big onion
red chilly powder as per your taste
1 tsp - dhaniya jeera powder
1/2 tsp - aamchur
2 tbsp – besan

Method of cooking Capsicum bhaji recipes

To cook Capsicum bhaji we need two pans ,one to cook the vegetables & the other one to prepare the gravy – ok let us make the gravy first – Add 75 ml of oild in a pan ,when the oil is heated add besan ,dhaniya,jeera,red chilly powder & amchur ,cook it for 1 minute – your thick gravy is ready now ,keep it aside
Now let us take on the vegetables to be cooked ,at the final step we will mix the cooked vegetables with the above said gravy to finish cooking Capsicum bhaji –
Add oil to a pan & when the oil heats up ,add long sliced onion & fry till it turns brown ,add medium sized cubes of potatoes to the fried onion & stir it till the potatoe pieces are half cooked ,now add the thick gravy we already prepared to this vegetable mixture & boil them for about 10 minutes till they are fully cooked ,so our Aloo capsicum sabji is ready to be served .

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