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Ricotta cheese burfi recipe

Ricotta cheese burfi recipe How to make Recipe for Ricotta cheese burfi recipe

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Ricotta cheese burfi recipe
Ricotta cheese burfi is a type of burfi prepared using ricotta cheese. Its of highly nutritious food and it is good type of snack item to eat.
? Ricotta cheese – one container
? Milk powder – one container
? Sugar – one container
? Chopped pista and almond – half cup
? Cardomom powder – three to four
? Butter – two tbsp
? Green or yellow food colour
? Saffron – one pinch

Method to prepare Ricotta cheese burfi recipe

1. Take a microwave dish or bowl and on high heat add butter. Cook for a minute.
2. Now add ricotta cheese and other ingredients such as milk powder, sugar and stir well.
3. Cook for 5 minutes.
4. Stir well and cook again for 3 minutes.
5. Totally it takes fifteen minutes to cook or cook untill it gets yellow colour.
6. Then add cardomom powder, saffron, chopped pista, almond and food colour a few drop.
7. Transfer the mixture in to a greaseed plate of ghee and let it cool.
8. After some minutes cut them in to desired shapes.
Serve ricotta cheese burfi with smile to all kith and kin

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