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Khoya burfi recipe

Khoya burfi recipe How to make Recipe for Khoya burfi recipe

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Khoya burfi recipe
Khoya burfi is one type of burfi prepared using pistachio. Burfi is a crispy snack item most ly loved by all of us.
? Whole milk – two and a half litre
? Powdered sugar – 250 to 300 gms
? Pistachio – half cup
? Cardomom powder – one tsp
? Silver sheet – one

Khoya burfi preparation

1. Take a large pan, add milk and heat on high flame. Boil by stirring with gap.
2. Then stir by lowering flame.
3. When milk gets slightly condensed off the flame.
4. To the thickened milk add powdered sugar and stir till it gets dissolve.
5. Allow to cool and then add cardomom powder and chopped pistachios to it.
6. Mix evenly and spread on tray greased with ghee.
7. Press with silver sheets and when the mixture gets set cut in to desired shapes.
Serve khoya burfi to all your kith and kin

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