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Khoya burfi recipe

Khoya burfi recipe How to make Recipe for Khoya burfi recipe

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Khoya burfi recipe
Khoya burfi is a nutritive food made of sweetened condensed milk. this recipe is having an added flavour of cashewnuts and almonds.
? Sweetened condensed milk – one can
? Carnation Milk powder – two cans
? Butter – one stick
? Mixed nuts grated – half cup
? Cardomom powder – one tsp

Method to prepare Khoya burfi recipe

1. Melt one stick of butter in a microwave for one minute.
2. Add all other ingredients in to the butter and mix well.
3. Again keep it in microwave for five min.
4. Allow it to cool and cut in to equal pieces.
Serve warm khoya burfi and celebrate the dish

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