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Coconut burfi recipe

Coconut burfi recipe How to make Recipe for

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Coconut burfi recipe
Coconut food items are mostly liked by all of us to eat. Coconut burfi is of delicious taste and is very nice food item to take any time we need. Also coconut food items contain some nutritive value too.

? Coconut grated – two cups
? Sugar powdered – one cup
? Elaichi powdered – half tsp
? Raisin-cashew -almond mixture – three to four tbsp
? Ghee – one to two tsp
? Milk powder – two to three tsp

Method to prepare coconut burfi recipe

1. Mix grated coconut with sugar and allow the sugar to dissolve well by keeping aside for half an hour.
2. Now keep the kadai on low flame and put the mixture in to it.
3. Add other ingredients such as elaichi, cashew-almond mixture and mix well.
4. Take a plain plate and grease with ghee. Pour the mixture and spread equally in to it.
5. Allow it to cool for some minutes. Now cut the spreaded mixture in to desired shapes.
6. Keep the burfi pieces in an air tight container.
Serve coconut burfi with more delight.

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