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Chocolate burfi recepie

Chocolate burfi recepie How to make Recipe for Chocolate burfi recepie

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Chocolate burfi recepie
Chocolate burfi, a type of sweet is likable to children. Prepare the burfi in home and is a rich food that gives energy and delicious taste. This chocolate burfi is easy to prepare and is highly calorious.

? Cocoa powder – three tsp
? Flour or maida – three fourth of cup
? Ghee – six tsp
? Condensed milk – three and half cups
? Cashew nuts – three fourth of cup
? Sugar – four and half cups
? Water – three fourth of cup

Chocolate burfi recepie

1. Take a heavy bottomed pan and add ghee to heat.In ghee add maida and fry.
2. On one side prepare sugar syrup by dissolving sugar in water.
3. In Other side prepare cocoa powder dissolved in condensed milk and keep it in low flame.
4. Now add maida and sugar syrup to this condensed milk and mix well.
5. Now the mixture becomes thick and then add cashew nuts and mix them evenly.
6. When froth appears take a greased plate and pour three fourth portion in to it.
7. Add cocoa powder to the rest of the mixture and spread on the top layer of mixture that was spread on grease plate.
8. Let it be cool and make square cuts.

Delicious chocolate burfi is ready.

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