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Badam burfi receipe/almond burfi

Badam burfi receipe How to make Recipe for Badam burfi receipe

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Badam burfi receipe
Badam burfi is a highly nutritive food receipe as it is made up of almond which is rich in fat content can increase body weight of children who are having under weight. Burfi mostly liked by children is a good receipe that can be stored in refrigerator and used for longer days.
? Whole almonds – one cup
? Sugar – one cup
? Cardomom powder –pinch
? Butter or ghee – two tbsp
? Milk – one third of a cup

Method of preparation Badam burfi receipe

1. Take almond seeds and soak in hot water for half an hour.
2. From the almonds remove the skin.
3. Grind the almond in to fine paste by adding milk.
4. Then add sugar and whip well for 2 minutes.
5. Take a frying pan and set low medium heat and add ghee
6. Add almond paste when ghee melts and stir continously by setting medium heat.
7. When the mixture gets thick to the consistency of bread batter leave stirring.
8. After removing the pan from heat add cardomom powder.
9. For 2 to 3 minutes whip round the batter using a spoon.
10. Grease another pan and pour the batter in to it so that it covers quarter inch thick.
11. Allow it to cool for 20 minutes.
12. Now cut with sharp edges to different shapes you like.
13. Store burfi in container that is air tight. Cool to room temperature.
14. The almond burfi have long shelf life and can withstand fresh for one week outside. It can also be refrigerated and can last for about 2 months.
Enjoy the richness of almond burfi with your family.

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