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Almond burfi recipe

Almond burfi recipe How to make Recipe for Almond burfi recipe

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Almond burfi recipe
Almond burfi is highly rich tasted burfi and it will be given to children because all kids like this burfi. Also it sharpens brain as almond is added. Normally children neglect to eat almond separate. So with their addition they prefer to eat.
? Sugar – one cup
? Water – half cup
? Almond paste – one pound
? Ghee prepared from unsalted butter
? Chopped silvered almonds – quarter cup

Method to prepare Almond burfi recipe

1. Sugar syrup preparation
2. Take a long bottomed vessel and add sugar and water together.
3. Boil the mixture to 225°F.
4. A small amount of syrup is sampled to form a thin thread.
Mixing the contents
1. After the sugar syrup is ready reduce heat to medium and add almond paste with quarter cup ghee.
2. Stir well in the rest of ghee in quarter cup increments until it gets absorbed.
3. Now the mixture gets brown and lower the heat.
4. Stir continously for ten minutes till the mixture appears to dry.
Slicing the burfi
1. Take the pan greased with ghee and pour the mixture.
2. Press them in to half inch thickness.
3. Now add almonds scatterly and press on the surface.
4. Cut in to desired shapes while it is still warm.
Serve almond burfi with all happiness to your family

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