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Barfi recipe Burfi receipe

How to make Barfi recipe or Burfi receipe

barfi recipe,burfi receipes,indian ch

What is burfi ,the basic ingredients for barfi,how to make barfi,different type of burfi ,does the sliver coating is edible are what normally people ask in our cooking classes .Burfi sweets are more famous in North Indian states like Gujarat,Punjab,Delhi etc.

What is burfi /barfi

Burfi is a sweet dish prepared with condensed milk and sugar .The condensed milk is boiled with sugar till it solidfies ,and normally the burfy looks like cheese .So burfi's are also referred as Indian cheese cake .

The burfi's are normally flavored with pistachio,mango,cashew .In addition to plain burfi's there are other varients to burfi's ,the complete burfi recipes are given below .Enjoy !

  1. Almond burfi recipe
  2. Badam burfi receipe/almond burfi
  3. Besan burfi recipe
  4. Besan burfi recipe
  5. Chocolate burfi recepie
  6. Coconut burfi recipe
  7. Coconut burfi recipe
  8. Condensed milk burfi recipe
  9. Khoya burfi recipe
  10. Khoya burfi recipe
  11. Microwave burfi recipe
  12. Ricotta cheese burfi recipe

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