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Spicy brinjal curry recipe

Spicy brinjal curry recipes

Spicy brinjal curry brinjal baingan vegetable photo

Spicy brinjal curry is a tasty Indian brinjals recipe ,which is easy cook ,all the ingredients are common members of any kitchen .

The ingredients required for cooking brinjals spicy curry are – tomatoes & onions ,red chilli powder & coriander powder ,powdered ground nuts –coriander leaves to garnish & coriander leaves & seasoning ingredients like mustard seeds,split urda dal seeds,jeera seeds,turmeric powder .

Now let us have a look at the quantities of ingredients required to cook spicy brinjal curry

Groundnut brinjal recipe Ingredients

Red chilli pwd-11/2tsp
coriander Pwd-11/2tsp
Groundnuts pwd-1tbsp
Coriander& curry leaves
Seasoning Ingredients
Mustard seeds
Jeera seeds
Turmeric apinch
Curry leaves
Split urda dal seeds
Salt to taste

Method of cooking Spicy brinjal curry

Now its time to start cooking ,before lighting on your’s stove let us finish the precooking jobs
• Clean the brinjals & cut it : You have to clean the brinjals in running water ,because now a days all vegetables are applied with insecticides or other chemicals – after cleaning cut brinjals into 4 almost equal pieces & keep it in cold salt water to avoid it turns brown & turns sour in taste .
• Chop onions & tomatoes
• Cut red chillies,keep ready curry leaves& coriander leaves chopped
• Keep ready all powders & other ingredients
Spicy brinjal recipe cooking method
1. Heat a pan with oil & add mustard seeds allow it to splutter,add jeera,curry leaves,split urad dals ,salt – sauté it for few minutes
2. Add chopped onion ,sauté till it turns brown
3. Add brinjals,turmeric & sauté & close the pan with lid until brinjal turns soft
4. Now add tomatoes & fry them ,add red chilli,coriander powder –fry for minutes
5. Add water & salt –and cook
6. As gravy turns thick add ground nuts powder
7. Garnish the spicy brinjal curry with finely chopped coriander leaves
Spicy brinjal curry is ready ,have it with hot chapattis

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