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Kerala brinjal recipes

Kerala brinjal recipes Kerala brinjal fry

Kerala brinjal recipes brinjal baingan vegetable photo

Kerala is also known as god’s own country ,here is a brinjal recipe from kerala ,it is a simple kerala baingan recipe which could be cooked with in 10 minutes ,all you need to have is few brinjals depending on your serving requirements ,& chilli powder ,this is a kerala baingan fry recipe .

Here is the list of ingredients with quantity for cooking this kerala brinjal fry recipe .


• 8 Brinjals (sliced)
Oil for frying
• 4 tsp Chilly powder
• 3 tsp Salt

• How to make Kerala Baingan Fry:
Clean the brinjal & cut them into pieces ,it is better to keep brinjal pieces in cold salt water to avoid turn it to be black .

Mix brinjal slices with chilly powder & salt Marinate it for 20 minutes .Take a pan & heat oil & fry the brinjal mixture ,transfer the fried brinjal into a different vessel ,it is better to remove the excess oil & serve hot

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