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How to prepare brinjal fry

How to prepare brinjal fry

How to prepare brinjal fry brinjal baingan vegetable photo

Brinjal fry is a dish without gravy in which brinjal with onion ,chilli ,garlic fried together till brinjal turns soft .It is a simple recipe .The important point to be noted while preparing brinjal fry is to cut brinjal into bite sized pieces (small dice sized pieces ) the smaller the brinjal pieces it will be cooked easily .
To prepare brinjal fry recipe you have to keep the following ingredients ready .

Eggplant cut into bite sized pieces -1
Onion chopped -1
Curry Leaves -a few
Salt – to taste
Chopped garlic -1 tsp
Red chillies -4 or 5
Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tsp
Oil – as needed

How to prepare brinjal fry

Method of cooking brinjals fry/baingan fry is simple ,heat oil in a pan ,ad onions ,chillies ,curry leaves to it ,Stir for few minutes and add garlic ,turmeric powder and salt .Stir well till onion turns pink .
Add baingan pieces & stir well –close the lid of the pan till brinjal turns to be soft .
Now your brinjal fry recipes is ready ,if you like you could add mustart seeds also in the beginning & allow it to splutter before adding onions & other ingredients .
Try to cook brinjal fry with minimum oil & allow the brinjal to get cooked in the steam by closing the pan with a lid & keep low flame .

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