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Brinjal bhaji recipes Baingan bhaaji Baigan Bhaji|

Brinjal bhaji /Baingan bhaaji -Method of cooking Baigan Bhaji|

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Brinjal bhaji /Baingan bhaaji/eggplant bhaji recipe brinjal bhaji recipe is a tasty & prominent Indian recipe

Brinjal bhaji (bhaji- a simple vegetable stir fry with Indian spices and pronounced with longer "a" like bhaaji.) is a vegetable stir fry with brinjal ( eggplant ) as the main vegetable .

Aubergine brinjal bhajee recipe

Ingredients for Brinjal bhaji
Serves 4
1 brinjal-or-aubergine (egg plant), washed
½ tsp black-mustard-seeds
½ pint (225 ml) brown-stuff
½ green-chilli-finely-chooped
1 tomato, coarsely-chopped
1 tbsp ghee, for-frying
1 tbsp fresh coriander, finely-chopped
½ tsp fennel-seeds
½ tsp chilli-powder
½ tbsp curry-leaves
½ tsp turmeric

Method of cooking Brinjal bhaji recipes

Slice the brinjal into rings of ½ inch thick & place the brinjal rings on a preheated griddle pan & cook for 3 minutes ,turn the side & cook again .Allow the brinjal rings to get cooled & then cut them into small squares (dice) .
Heat-the-ghee until its medium heat & add the mustard seed ,as soon as they start to crackle add chilli & spices . Fry them for 30 seconds & add the brown-stuff,curry-leaves after cooking it for 5 minutes add brinjal ,chopped tomato & coriander ,cook for another 5 minute until the tomato has softened ,Add salt if necessary .Serve hot .Baigan Bhaji| is ready now

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