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Make Traditional Kerala Appam

Perfect Appam Recipe

Kerala Breakfast Recipes

Appam Ingredients & Cooking Method


                      (1) Raw rice – ½ kg
                      (2) Coconut – half
                            Sugar – 50 grams
                      (3) Salt – adjust to taste
                            Yeast – 2 pinches
                      (4) Coconut water – 1 cup


Soak rice in water. Mix sugar in coconut water one day in advance. Grind rice and grated coconut together. Pour coconut water in that and keep for a night. Add salt and yeast and mix well. Apply oil inside a pan and heat the pan. Then spread the prepared mixture in the pan just like a dosa. Keep the pan closed with a lid and continue to heat. When the Appam is cooked, take that out.

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