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Modhaka Kozhukkatta - Step by Step

Modhaka Kozhukkatta Kerala Style

Kerala Breakfast Recipes

Modhaka Kozhukkatta

Ingredients :

                       (1) Raw rice – 1 kg
                       (2) Cumin seed – 1 tea spoon
                       (3) Green gram – 400 grams
                       (4) Jaggery – 1 kg
                       (5) Grated coconuts – 2 cups
                       (6) Salt – 1 pinch

Procedure :

Soak the rice in water and then grind.  Add water into green gram in a vessel and boil. When the green gram is well cooked, take out and keep aside. Melt the jaggery in water and keep the melted jaggery separately after filtering off the water.

Add the cooked green gram and grated coconut into the melted jaggery and mix well. In the rice flour paste add 1 pinch salt and cumin seeds powder and stir. Take a little of the rice flour paste and spread it in round shape. Add a little of the green gram coconut mixture at the center. Mix both and make it to a ball.  Keep the balls in the idly maker and cook them in steam.

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