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South indian bread halwa receipe

South indian bread halwa receipe

South indian bread halwa receipe bread recipes,south indian bread receipes

South indian bread halwa receipe
Halwa mostly liked by all of us. There are variety of halwas made by Indians. Among that the bread halwa is a different recepie but its richness cannot be reached by any other type of halwa. Bread halwa attracts all people from children to old people.
? Bread – half pack
? Butter – half cube
? Ghee – six to seven spoons
? Sugar – one cup or as required
? Milk – one cup

Method of cooking South indian bread halwa receipe

1. Cut bread with knife and make it to small pieces.
2. Take a big pan and one spoon of ghee. Put the bread pieces in to it and fry to light brown
3. Add one cup of milk to pan and mix well and add one cup of sugar or as required and stir continously.
4. Keep the flame in medium always.
5. Add half cube butter and mix well.
6. Keep the flame on till it becomes like halwa.
7. In a decorative plate serve hot bread halwa.
8. Store for nearly two weeks in fridge. At the time of need take from fridge and heat it and serve.

Bread halwa makes every home richerand sweeter

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