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Bread sandwich receipe

How to prepare Bread sandwich receipe

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Bread sandwich receipe making
Bread sandwich is a great evening dish and sandwich appearance itself attracts people to taste. Sandwich usually prepared with bread and this receipe prepared with potatoes give further richness to the taste.
? Two slices bread
? One boiled egg
? 1/2 sliced cucumber
? One small tomato sliced
? Big onion one sliced
? Two cheese slices
? Red chilli sauce
? Butter
? Black pepper
? Mayonnaise

Method to prepare Bread sandwich receipe

1. Take bread slices and toast them in tawa by spreading butter on both sides. Prefer light toast to prevent hardening of bread.
2. Spread red chilli sauce on two bread slices on one side alone.
3. To one of the bread keep the cheese slice on top.
4. Take a boiled egg and cut in to small pieces and spread evenly over the cheese.
5. Disperse some black pepper on top of the egg layer.
6. Slice cucumber, onion and tomato in to small pieces and spread over the surface.
7. Place mavonnaise to all the above and finally cover with anotherr bread slice toasted.

The spicy bread sandwich is ready to display

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