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Bread pulao receipe bread Pulav

Bread pulao receipe

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Bread pulao receipe
Bread pulao is a spicy receipie for breakfast. This is a receipie that add good taste to take as evening tiffen also. Pepper added to this receipie ensure health tip too.
? Bread slices – eight pieces
? Potato – one
? Tomato – one
? Curry leaves
? Mustard
? Hing
? Salt
? Pepper
? Ghee – two spoon
? Butter
? Lime – one
? Coriander

Method of preparation of bread Pulav

1. Cut a slice of bread in to four.
2. Boil potato and cut in to small pieces. Again cut tomato in to small pieces.
3. Take a frying pan and add little ghee. Put mustard seeds, hing and curry leaves and then add potato. Fry for giving rich taste.
4. Add lemon juice, little pepper and some butter.
5. After this fry add tomato and again fry.
6. Now add bread slices and blend well.
7. Cook them for some minutes.
8. Serve bread pulao receipe with coriander leaves on top.

Spicy bread pulao is ready and serve with goodness

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