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Bread pakora recipe Bread Pakoda receipe

Pakoda or Pakora with bread

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Bread pakora recipe Bread Pakoda receipe

Required Ingredients for pakoras:
1. boiledpotatoes-3 large ones
2. Vegetable oil-2 tbsps (or any cooking oil canola or sunflower optional)
3. 1large onion
4. 2 green chillies
5. cumin seeds-1 tsp
6. 6-8 cloves of garlic
7. 10 slices of bread (preferably 1 or 2 day old for best results).
8. 1/2 cup Bengal gram flour (besan)
9. 3/4 tsp turmeric powder
10. 1/4 tsp red chilli powder
11. Salt to taste
12. cooking oil for deep frying (Canola/sunflower/vegetable-optional)

Preparation of Bread pakora recipe Bread Pakoda receipe:

Finely chop ingredients 3, 4 & 6.Take a bowl and add 8, 9& 10. Mix thoroughly adding water as required & salt to taste. Make a thick batter not allowing any lumps to be formed. For best results ensure that no lumps persist & keep aside.
Place a kadai on stove & heat 2 tbsp of oil on a medium flame. Splutter cumin seeds & fry garlic till soft. Add finely cut onion and fry till golden brown. Mix well adding turmeric & the smashed potato too. Mix thoroughly so that the mixture is mixed well. Add salt as per taste and turn off the Gas stove. Now place each pieces of bread on a plain surface, its better to cut off the brown edges.
Spread the potato mixture evenly on all the five pieces of bread so that the white portion of bread is sealed with the same. Place the other piece of bread overneath. Next cut the sandwich into quarters. Again switch on the stove on medium flame & place kadai for frying. Now the batter of Bengal gram to be kept ready, ensure all ingredients are mixed well. Each quartered sandwich to be dipped in the batter (to be coated on all sides)
• Stir the Bengal gram flour batter that was kept aside (the water tends to separate from the other ingredients when kept aside for a while) to ensure all ingredients are well mixed. Now take each quarter sandwich and dip in the batter to coat well on all sides. Dip each sandwich one by one into the oil until its golden brown & remove to drain into paper towels. Served better with chutney (Tamarind/ Mint or Coriander) .

Bread pakora recipe or Bread Pakoda receipe is ready now

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