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Bread omlet preparing

Bread omlet receipe

Bread omlet  bread recipes,south indian bread receipes

Bread omlet making
Bread omlette is a nutritious food that adds additive value to our health. Bread omlette is easy to prepare and it gives energy too.

Ingredients needed
? Eggs – 4
? Milk – half cup
? Bread crumbs – half cup
? Salt to taste
? Pepper pinch
? Butter – 1 tbsp

Method of preparation of Bread omlet

1. Take eggs and separate yolk from white and beat well
2. Take milk in a pan and soak bread crumbs for 15 minutes. Add beaten yolks in to the pan.
3. Fold in whites.
4. Take omlete pan and butter sides and bottom.
5. Pour in mixture with little addition of pepper and salt and place in oven where it gets cooked slowly.
6. Turn the pan slowly so that the omlete may brown evenly.
7. When the omlete become brown place the pan on middle rack to finish cook at the top surface.
8. Check whether the omlet cooked well or not by touching. If not it needs longer cooking.
9. After complete cook serve bread omlete fresh.

Taste yummy bread omlette with your friends and have a nice time

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