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Bread omelette recipes,Bread Omlet recipe

Omlet with bread how to make

Bread omelette recipes,Bread Omlet recipe bread recipes,south indian bread receipes

Bread omelette recipes,Bread Omlet recipe

Ingredients for bread omelette recipe
4-eggs, 4-5 slices of bread, Small onion 1, green chilies 2-3 no’s, coriander & salt to taste

Method of making Bread omelette recipes,Bread Omlet recipe

Take the bread slices & using lid of any container cut off the bread in round shape so that the brown edges of bread are removed. Take one egg, break & beat it lightly adding salt as required. To it also add chopped green chilies, chopped onions & coriander. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Preheat omelete pan and place the shaped or cut out piece of bread on the pan. Pour the prepared mixture on the pan, and press the bread over pan to get stuck to the egg mixture. Once the egg is done turn it over so that bread side is toasted. Repeat this so that both sides are evenly done. For more taste butter can also be applied. This can be selective as per taste of the user.

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