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Bread halwa receipe

Make Bread halwa at kichen

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Bread halwa receipe
Bread halwa ia rich receipe likable to all age people. Bread gives good taste to halwa that many other substrates. Also children like most and is healthy as it is garnished with nuts.

Ingredients for Bread halva

? Four bread slices
? Three tbsp purified butter
? One tsp green cardomom powder
? Pinch saffron
? Four tbsp milk
? Sugar as needed for taste
? Two tbsp dry nuts

Method of making Bread halwa

1. Take warm milk. Add saffron and keep it aside.
2. Break the bread in to small pieces.
3. Fry the bread pieces in butter till it becomes golden brown.
4. Add sugar and mix well.
5. Put cardomom powder and add waterr as much needed to soak the bread.add saffron.
6. Cook for three to four minutes.

Serve hot halwa garnished with dry nuts.

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