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Bread halwa recipes Bread halva

Bread halwa recipe:

Bread halwa recipe: bread recipes,south indian bread receipes

Required ingredients for Bread halwa recipe::
1. Bread ½ pkt
2. Butter ½ cube
3. Ghee:6 to 7 spoons
4. Milk : 1 cup
5. *Sugar: as per taste or 1 cup (nearly 50 gms)
• *As per your taste

Method of Bread halwa recipes Bread halva preparation:

Take the bread and trim off the brown edges by removing the crusts. Cut bread into small pieces.
Heat ghee in a pan, add the pieces of bread and fry till golden brown. Add ingredient no: 4, i.e. milk and let it cook on medium flame. Add sugar and stir well continuously until well cooked. Add the ½ cube butter as mentioned & mix well until the bread soaks all the milk.
Mix through well and remove from heat and a super bread halwa is ready to be eaten. This can be stored in fridge for 2 weeks. Can be eaten hot or cold
3. Lets have fun with another recipe that’s a wonderful snack that kids would love to eat.

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