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Bread halwa recipe

Bread halwa receipe how to cook Bread halva

Bread halwa  bread recipes,south indian bread receipes

Bread halwa Bread halva recipie
Halwa mostly liked by all of us. There are variety of halwas made by Indians. Among that the bread halwa is a different recepie but its richness cannot be reached by any other type of halwa. Bread halwa attracts all people from children to old people.
Ingredients needed for
? Bread – four slices
? Butter – three tsp
? Green cardomom powder – one tsp
? Saffron pinch
? Milk – four tsp
? Sugar as per needed
? Dry nuts – two tsp

Preparation of Bread halwa receipe

1. Take milk in a pan. Make it heat and soak saffron in to it.
2. Cut bread in to small pieces.
3. Take a non stick pan. Add butter and heat. Put the bread pieces and fry them till it gets golden brown colour.
4. Then add sugar and cardomom powder, mix well and pour water as the bread gets dipped completely but not excess water to be added.
5. Now add the saffron.
6. Cook them for 3 to 4 minutes.

Hot bread halwa is ready and garnish with nuts that gives richness to halwa.

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