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Baby corns recipes Baby corn cooking methods

Baby corn recipes & baby corns recipies

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Baby corn recipes are tasty and nutritious ,the method of cooking baby corns recipes are very simple ,in most of the recipes it will be precooked in a pressure cooker with water,salt & with turmeric powder ,later the cooked baby corns will be added to the seasonings & gravy .Normally the seasonings for cooking the baby corns recipe includes fennel seends,mustard seeds,onions,tomatoes,onions,ginger ,garlic etc ..

In some of the baby corn recipe coconut milk is added ,this make corn curry more tasty ,here is a collection of corn curry,gravy,salad recipes ,pls try them and have a balanced diet ,normally chappatti ,naan & plain rice can be served with baby corn recipe .

List of baby Corn recipes with methof of cooking baby corns & ingredients required

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