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Punjabi chicken recipes Punjabi Chicken Karahi

How to cook Punjabi chicken recipes Punjabi Chicken Karahi

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Punjabi chicken recipes Punjabi Chicken Karahi
Punjabi chicken recipes are hot,very hot . In this Punjabi chicken session we will discuss about one of the most popular & tasty Punjabi chicken recipe – Punjabi chicken Karahi.Karahi is a cooking vessel like our normal pan or wok .This is a simple recipe & any time you could prepare this if you have karahi masala,tomatoe,ginger paste,chicken,onion,coriander leaves, etc in your kitchen .
Here is a list of ingredients for cooking this Punjabi chicken recipe
• chicken 1 kg (cut in small karahi pieces)
• oinon 3-4 sliced
• garlic paste 3 tbsp
• ginger paste 2 tbsp
• tomatos 4-5 sliced
• green chillies sliced 3-4
• fresh corriander leaves finely chopped
• yogurt 1/2 cup
• salt 1 tsp
• karahi masala 3/4 packet
• oil 1/2 cup

Preparation of Punjabi Chicken recipe
• Clean chicken & cut into small pieces
• Drain the cleaned chicken ,prepare the marinade to make this Punjabi chicken recipe by beating yogurt & mixing it with salt and karahi masala ,marinate chicken in this for some time
• Make garlic paste
• Make ginger paste
• Slice tomatoes
• Slice green chillie
• Chop coriander leaves
• Keep ready all other ingredients for Punjabi chicken recipe

Method of cooking this best Punjabi chicken recipe – Karahi chicken
Put oil in large Karahi /pan ,when it is hot add onions & sauté till they are tender ,add ginger and garlic paste,saute for a while ,add the marinated chicken with yogurt and stir for some time ,add tomatoes and stir ,simmer it for some time until the chicken is fully tender ,stir occasionally ,now put the green chillies and coriander leaves ,simmer till the gravy starts to leave oil – remove the Punjabi chicken curry from heat & transfer to a serving bowl .
Serve hot this Punjabi Karahi chicken with naan.

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