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Muslim chicken curry recipes

Kerala South Indian Muslim chicken curry recipes receipes

Muslim chicken curry recipes Kerala South Indian Kozhi Malayalam

Muslim chicken curry recipes are hot ,spicy & tasty ,Indian muslim recipes are most famous – Among the muslim chicken recipes the malappuram Kerala muslim chicken recipes,Hyderabad muslim chicken recipes,Pakistan muslim chicken recipes are very famous .
Our muslim brothers are experts in cooking non vegetarian food , Masha Allah .I have enjoyed those wonderful chicken recipes prepared by friend’s mother during muslim festival seasons .They are so spicy & tasty .
Here we are going to prepare one of the unique & signature muslim chicken curry recipe .Hope all of you will like this Muslim chicken curry .
To cook the muslim chicken curry recipe the following ingredients are required – Chicken,potatoes,onions,coconut milk,sugar,tamarind juice,masalman paste,crushed garlic ,bay leaves,cardamom, etc
Here is the list of complete ingredients required for this Muslim chicken curry -
1 pound of chicken, cut into "bite sized pieces"
5 small potatoes, peeled and partly boiled
5 peeled, but whole, small onions (the type sometimes sold as "pickling onions")
3 cups of coconut milk
3 tablespoons palm sugar (you can use a light brown sugar instead if youcan't get palm sugar)
3 tablespoons tamarind juice (this is the "sour" ingredient - youcan use white vinegar instead if you can't get tamarind juice. The juice is madeby soaking tamarind paste in a little water then squeezing it out, and runningit through a sieve to extract the juice from the pulp)
3 tablespoons lime juice 2 tablespoons roasted peanuts (unsalted), broken
1-3 tablespoons masaman curry paste (see below)
1-3 teaspoons crushed garlic
3 bay leaves
5 roasted cardomom fruits (i.e. the whole pod) a small piece of roasted cinnamon bark

Prepare for Muslim chicken curry recipe
• Clean & cut chicken into bite sized pieces
• Peel & partially cook the potatoes (Potatoes acts as a moderator to reduce the heat of the curry )
• Make cocunut milk – Leave the coconut milk in a cool place & then the coconut milk will get separated into cream & milk –we need a cup of creap & 2 cups of milk .
• Make tamarind juice
• Make masalamn cury paste
• Keep ready all other ingredients

Method of cooking Muslim Chicken recipe
In a pan make the coconut milk to boil in simmer & add chicken pieces ,cook till the chicken pieces turn soft .
Now add the cocunit cream in a pan/wok and bring it to boil ,add the masaman paste and fry until the flavour is maximised ,now the coconut oil will start to separate out and can be removed with a spoon ,this will help to reduce the cholesterol in this curry .
Now add the remaining cream in the pan to the chicken we have cooked earlier ,add the curry paste,add the peanuts ,add tamarind juice ,add all the remaining ingredients and cook until the chicken is fully cooked & the raw smell of masala disappeared .
After the gravy thickened to required extent ,remove the pan from heat – Now our Muslim chicken curry recipe is ready .Transfer this chicken muslim curry to a serving dish & serve hot with parathas .

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