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Madras chicken biryani recipes Madirasi chicken biriyani receipes

Madras chicken biryani recipes South Indian chicken biryani receipes

Madras chicken biryani recipes Madirasi chicken biriyani  Kerala South Indian Kozhi Malayalam

Madras chicken biryani recipes Madirasi chicken biriyani
Madras Chicken biriyani /Chennai Chicken biryani is a tasty biryani ,but not as good as hyderabadi biryani or like Kerala biryani .It is my personal opinion,not a fact .But I like madras chicken biryani recipe as it is easily digestable & with less fat than other biryani,so good for health than Kerala biriyani or hyderabadi biriyani .
Let us have a look into the main ingredients used to cook the madras chicken biryani . Basmati rice,chicken,onion,tomatoes,green chilly,ginger ,garlic,curd,turmeric powder,red chilli powder,etc ,unlike other biriyani recipes madras chicken biryani recipe is not using potatoes .

Basmati or Jasmine Rice-500gms
Chicken pieces-1kg
Onions Big sliced-3
medium Tomatoes sliced-2
Green chilly broken-2
Ginger, Garlic and Green chilly paste-2tbsp
Curd/ Yoghurt-1/2cup
Turmeric powder-1tsp
Red chilly powder-2tsp
Salt to taste
Green Cardamom-2
Black Cardamom-2
Bay leaf-1
Jaiphal/Nutmeg-small piece
Star Anise-1
Mint leaves-1cup
Coriander leaves-1cup

How to prepare for cooking Madras chicken biryani recipe
• Clean chicken,cut into big pieces
• Clean rice & Soak biriyani rice in half an hour & wash n drain it
• Chop onions
• Chop chillies
• Make garlic ginger chilli paste
• Slice tomatoes
• Chop coriander leaves
• Marinate chicken for two hours in the marinade prepared by mixing ginger,garlic,green chilli paste in a bowl with broken green chillies,tomato slices,curd,chilli powder,salt,half of the mint and coriander leaves .

Method of cooking Madras chicken biryani recipe
Choose a large pot and heat the pot ,add oil ,when the oil is hot add the whole garam masalas ,when they start to crackle ,and the flavour rises add the onions,fry the onions till they turn brown ,now add the chicken pieces along with the marinade mixture ,keep medium heat and cook till the gravy thickens ,now add the rest of the mint and coriander leaves ,add water to cook rice ,consider the amount of gravy while adding water,if gravy is more reduce the quantity of water as per that .Check the seasoning and let it boil ,now add the drained rice ,cover the pot with a tight lid and cook until the rice and chicken are done ,Now our chicken biryani in madras style is ready .
Decorate Madras chicken biryani with a boiled egg and serve along with onion raitha .

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