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Chicken kolhapuri recipe receipes

Chicken kolhapuri recipes South Indian receipes

Chicken kolhapuri Chicken kolhapuri recipe Kerala South Indian Kozhi Malayalam

Kolhapuri or Kohlapuri ,heard before ? Ya Kohlapuri Chappals are world famous ,Chicken Kohlapuri recipes too are world famous ,Kolhapuri chicken is a gravy based recipe & coconut is added in Kolhapuri chicken .

Kohlapuri chicken is not an instant chicken recipe,it is time consuming ,it needs around two hours to cook Kolapuri chicken ,but its worth .

The core process in making Kolhapuri chicken is making kolhapuri chicken masala .Now let us take a look into the ingredients required for making Kolhapuri chicken recipes .

The main ingredients for Kolhapuri chicken recipe are – chicken,yoghurt,grated coconut,tomato,garlic paste,coriander leaves,red chilli,turmeric powder,lim juice,corn or peanut oil,bay leaf ,cinnamon,cloves,black pepper, & oil .

The list of ingredients for cooking kolapuri chicken is given below .
• 1 kg: Chicken
• 2/3 cup: Yoghurt
• 2 tsp: Grated coconut
• 1 Large: Tomato(chopped)
• 1 tsp: Garlic paste
• 1 tsp: Coriander leaves
• 2 tsp: Red chilli
• 1 tsp: Turmeric powder
• 1 tsp: Lime juice
• 2 tsp: Corn or peanut oil
• 1-2: Bay leaf
• 2 pieces: Cinnamon
• 6 pieces: Cloves
• ½ tsp: Crushed black pepper 2 medium onions
• 2 tsp: Oil
• Salt to taste

Preparation of Kolhapuri chicken

o Clean chicken & make it medium pieces
o Make the marianade to marinate the chicken by mixing turmeric powder,red chillies,garlic paste,salt & lime juice with curd- add the chicken pieces to the marinade & leave it aside for half an hour .
o Crush black pepper
o Chop onions
o Chop tomaroes
o Grate coconut
o Make the Kolhapuri chicken masala – In a pan heat oil ,when it is hot add bay leaf,cinnamon,cloves,crushed black pepper,and chopped onions,sauté the mixture till the onions turns soft and brown ,now add the grated coconut ,sauté till the color changes ,now add tomato pieces & sauté for 10 mins ,remove thep pan from the stove & allow the mixture to cook –make a fine paste from this mixture using a blender .Thats all our Kolhapuri chicken masala is ready .

Method of cooking Kolhapuri Chicken recipe

Heat oil in a pan ,add the marinated chicken pieces to the pan & cook for 25 minutes in sim,stir inbetween to avoid sticking ,now add the Kolhapuri masala paste & simmer for another 5 mins ,Kolhapuri chicken is ready ,with in this time the chicken will be well cooked .If not allow it little more time to get cooked .
Transfer the Kolhapuri chicken to a serving bowl & garnish it with coriander leaves .Kolhapuri chicken is best to be served with plain rice .

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