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Chettinad chicken fry recipe chettinadu chetty nadu receipe

Chettinad chicken fry recipe chettinadu chetty nadu receipe South Indian receipes

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Chettinad chicken fry recipe chettinadu chetty nadu receipe

Chettinad is a town in Tamil Nadu ,India ,When remembering about chettinad chicken fry I always remember about the first the occation I had that wonderful chettiand recipe .It was in 1998 ,when I was in tamil nadu to attend my friends marriage .We friends all together ate chettiandu chicken fry by sitting in a tree house ,a river was there near to that farm house,we had lot of fun while bathing & swimming in the river & when we were too hungry we had chapattis,rice,dal & Chettinadu chicken fry – we also took padhani (toddy ) too .
Ok now let us think about making this Chettinad chicken recipe,this is chicken fry in chettinad style .There are slight variations in Chettiand chichen depending on the region from where you learn the chettinadu chicken fry recipe .
To prepare chettiandu chicken Naattu Koli (house hold chicken) is better than broiler chicken ,let the chicken be tender,tomatoes,onion,fennel,red chillies etc .
The ingredients required for cooking traditional chettinadu chicken fry is given below .

Chetty nadu chicken fry Ingredients .
chicken - 1 kg
salt - to taste
turmeric powder - ½ tsp
oil - 6 tbsp
onions - 2 cups, chopped
tomatoes - ¾ cup, chopped
fennel - 1 tsp
red chillies - 10-15 broken into pieces

Preparation of Chettinadu chicken fry recipe
• Clean chicken & cut into bite sized pieces
• Chop onions & tomatoes
• Break red chillies into pieces
• Keep ready oil,salt,turmeric powder,fennel

Method of cooking Chettinad chicken fry receipe

Rub the chicken pieces with salt & turmeric so that chicken is well covered with turmeric & salt mixture .
Now take a heavy bottomed pan & heat ,pour oil in it & when the oil is hot add fennel ,red chillies, & onion & saute till onion turns brown ,now add chopped tomatoes and fry for few seconds & add chicken and fry well ,sprinkle hot water if necessary - cook till the chicken is well cooked – Now the chettinad chicken fry recipe is ready ,now remove the chetty nadu chicken fry recipe from the stove & transfer it to a serving bowl .

Serve the hot chettinad chicken fry recipe with chapattis , I dedicate this recipe to my friends from chettinadu who loves chicken fry recipe .

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