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Andhra Chilli chicken recipes

Andhra chilly chicken recipes Hyderabadi chicken chilly

Andhra chilli chicken recipes Andhra chilly chicken recipes Hyderabad Chilly Kodi chicken receipes Andhra chilli chicken recipes

Andra chilli chicken recipe or Andhra chilli chicken receipe is one of the famous chicken chilyl recipe from Andra Pradesh ,Andhra Pradesh is simply known Andhra or Andra .Hyderabad is the capital of Andhrapradesh ,there are several recipes in the name of Hyderabad ,like hyderabadi biriyani ,if you hear about a recipe as hyderabadi remember it is from Andrapradesh ,India .

Chicken is known as Kodi in Andhra pradesh & in telugu language ,so this is Kodi mulakai recipes .

Let us now check the special method to cook this chilli chicken in Andhra style . These are the
Ingredients required for making Andhra Chilli chicken

Chicken Chilli fry
1/2 kg chicken;
3 large onions;
6-8 Peppercorns;
Salt to taste;
2” piece ginger;
6-8 pods garlic;
1 bunch each fresh coriander & Mint;
4-5 Green chilies;
1-1 ½ tspn. Garam Masala pwd;
1 ½ tspn Chillie powder;
¼-1/2 level tspn turmeric pwd;
a small marble sized ball of tamarind mixed in 1 cup of water.
Tomatoes 2 med size finely chopped.

Preparation of Andhra Chilli chicken recipe

• Finely slice onion
• Mince ginger,garlic ,chillies ,coriander leaves & mint
• Chop tomatoes
• Make tamarind pulp
• Make garam masala powder
• Clean chicken pieces

Method of cooking Andhra chilli chicken

As the first step in cooking chilli chicken ,we will boil chicken pieces along with sliced pieces of 1 onion ,pepper corns ,turmeric powder & salt in required water for around 20 mins .,keep aside the boiled chicken with its soup,we will add this later to other cooked ingredients .
Take a pan,add oil ,when the oil is hot add sliced onion & fry the sliced onions till they turn brown ,now add ginger,garlic,chillies to the pan & fry them on low heat for few mins .Now add the chilli powder & fry for around 2 mins ,now add the chopped tomatoes & fry till they turn soft ,now add the boiled chicken along with the soup & other ingredients ,cook for another 8 mins ,now add the tamarind pulp till the gravy turns thick and consistent .Now add the garam masala powder & mix well ,cook till the raw smell disappears ,now remove the pan from the heat & transfer the Andhra chilli chicken to a serving bowl & serve our chilli chicken in Andra style hot with rice .

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